07/15 |
First of all, it's been a HELL WEEK.My nephew got me blitzed on absinthe over the weekend.My son got into a car accident (he is unhurt).I broke my phone to... Read More
12/14 |
Here is my gift to you this holiday season:  our family-favorite appetizer recipe:   2 yellow onions 1 TBSP butter 1/4 cup light brown sugar 2 TBSP balsamic... Read More
12/14 |
I am so lazy when it comes to blogging and I am seriously sorry.  I should blog every week about the show.  But I don't.  But I will! Right now I am facing a... Read More
05/14 |
WOW it has been a long time since I've blogged and I am SO sorry!  The truth is I love love love to write and if I could I would write about my daily life. Oh... Read More