If on your musical journey you haven't met some of the greatest people on earth then you're probably on the wrong path. Kimmi Rudolph is not only a good friend and a big supporter of my music but does more for up and coming bands then can be written in a short blog. She gives her heart and soul to... Read More

Kimmi Rudolph is the producer and host of The Metal Deli Show in Chicago Illinois. You don’t think of the Metal world revolving around Chicago, but here is the proof.  Kimmi, with her extensive knowledge of Metal Music allows her to pick out the best in metal bands with her experienced ear.  The... Read More

For me, Kimmi is the ultimate metal presenter.  She is very knowledgeable about metal and her enthusiasm is infectious. She plays hard core metal not heard elsewhere and and her broadcasting professionalism make for great listening.  Her show is a "don't miss" for everyone at Splash Music and we... Read More

J.L., listener

| 11/22/13

Listening to Kimmi always feels so comfortable and friendly, like we're hanging in her living room, chatting and listening to music. J.L.

"Kimmi is queen of the kitchen over at The Metal Deli. One of the best and most professional interviewers we've ever had. Kimmi's bubbly personality and love of all things metal makes The Metal Deli hands down one of our favorite podcasts. Her charm and honesty make TMD a guaranteed fun time for... Read More

Metal and rock are in Kimmi’s blood (she is a self-described metal-head) and the desire to showcase just the music she loved spurned her on to start The Metal Deli in 2008.  She has also hosted The Rock Deli and The Israeli Deli, and has plans to bring those back in the future. Kimmi is well-known... Read More