06/13 |
Check out the awesome artists on THE METAL DELI #102 3 MINUTES TO LIVE -- VIA -- SOUTH OF SORROW -- WHIPLASH -- XFACTOR1 - https://www.facebook.... Read More
06/13 |
Show #101 is now playing -- you're gonna love it! Check out these awesome bands -- ELISIUM -- www.elisiumrockshard.comI AM THE TRIREME -- UNDERGROUND -- www.famousunderground.tvSAINT DIABLO -- www.saintdiablo.comTHE SHARROW -- Read More
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05/13 |
Welcome to my new website!!! This week I will air The Metal Deli's 100th episode.  The very first show took EIGHT hours to record.  I had only watched someone do it a couple times, never had any actual training or instruction, so I just jumped in and hoped I wouldn't drown!!!  Eight crazy hours.  I... Read More