New Website!

Metal Deli LogoWelcome to my new website!!!

This week I will air The Metal Deli's 100th episode.  The very first show took EIGHT hours to record.  I had only watched someone do it a couple times, never had any actual training or instruction, so I just jumped in and hoped I wouldn't drown!!!  Eight crazy hours.  I learned a LOT.  Like not to say "UM" all the time.  I had to quit talking with my hands because my rings would clink together and it could be heard on the show.  And I had to chill out.  At first I edited every mistake I made.  Now -- forget it.  I talk like I talk in real life and it's most comfortable to me that way.  I want listeners to feel like we're sitting in my den talking about music, not like they're listening to some chick read a script.  Now the show takes one, maybe two hours tops, to record.  It feels natural to me.

Over 1500 songs have been played on The Metal Deli, and almost that many bands.  Some bands have gone on to have their music on national radio stations and I am SO proud of them -- and hope that one day they say "Hey, remember when we were so excited to be played on The Metal Deli?"   Unfortunately, a lot of the bands I've played have broken up.  Really good bands that I've wanted to intervene and yell "THINK THIS THROUGH!"  But I'm a podcaster, not a shrink.  I'm always sad when I get the announcements though.

Many of the band members, promoters and listeners have become my friends.  I could start to list them here but then the list would go on forever -- and I prefer to thank them both personally and on the show.  But I do especially have to thank the radio stations that air me weekly and support me in more ways than I can count:

And now -- I'm celebrating 100 shows!!!!  Crazy!  Awesome!  And I couldn't have made it this far without you -- whoever you are that is reading this has, somehow, helped me along the way, even if just by listening to the show.  And that rocks.  YOU ROCK.

Keep it metal -- and keep listening to the NEXT 100 shows!