I'm blogging; i'm blogging -- I really am!

WOW it has been a long time since I've blogged and I am SO sorry!  The truth is I love love love to write and if I could I would write about my daily life. Oh wait -- I do, but those journals are private. :)

The Metal Deli has been on hiatus for two weeks due to a severe spinal injury I got while in Vegas.  It's embarrasing to talk about!  I took an AMAZING helicopter ride over and into the Grand Canyon with my family. Because I am super-klutz when I was exiting the helicopter I was so busy paying attention to my FEET NOT SLIPPING that I straightened up and SLAMMED my head on the doorframe of the helicopter.  The pain was instantaneous but OH LORD I didn't know the damage I did to my spine.  

HOWEVER -- though the pain is not gone my self-pitying days are, and yesterday I recorded The Metal Deli #142 -- with LOTS of great metal!  I hope you'll listen!


DON'T FORGET -- merch is now available by checking out MERCHANIDSE link on the webpage.  You definitely need a metal deli t-shirt or sweatshirt -- any concert that I see you at wearing that shirt you get a free drink!!!



The Metal Deli