Happy Holidays from The Metal Deli -- check out the Holly-Deli!

Today I recorded The Metal Deli special holiday episode, called THE HOLLY-DELI. I had a BLAST. The music contains originals, covers and spoofs. This is not religion shoved down your throat in any way, just some fun music to listen to and enjoy the season in a more metal kind of way -- with a couple other "tastes" thrown in. 

Doing The Metal Deli is a major joy in my life and this was an especially fun show to do. Holidays always bring back memories and I share a few of my own from my life as well as talk about both Chanuka and Christmas each in a non-religious way. 

I know it's a crazy week for everybody but I hope you'll tune in between the dates of December 23 - December 29th to enjoy the holiday with me. Something a little different for a change. 

Whatever holiday you celebrate or if you celebrate nothing at all, I wish you happiness and health in your life. And music -- I recommend metal but really what I wish for you is that you sing at the top of your lungs and find the songs that have meaning to you. Find the songs that make you happy, the songs that make you sad, and the songs that say your name. 

But most of all, I wish you love.

The Metal Deli