07/15 |
First of all, it's been a HELL WEEK.My nephew got me blitzed on absinthe over the weekend.My son got into a car accident (he is unhurt).I broke my phone to smithereens.I lost all my show information on my computer and so thereforeHad no show for this week and let down bands that I told would have... Read More
12/14 |
Here is my gift to you this holiday season:  our family-favorite appetizer recipe:   2 yellow onions 1 TBSP butter 1/4 cup light brown sugar 2 TBSP balsamic vinegar 1 round of brie cheese 1 bag craisins   Slice the onions and sautee in butter until smooth and golden brown.  Add brown sugar,... Read More
12/14 |
I am so lazy when it comes to blogging and I am seriously sorry.  I should blog every week about the show.  But I don't.  But I will! Right now I am facing a holiday season with the possibility of no Holly-Deli episode as in past years.  I have put out tons of posts on facebook looking for original... Read More
05/14 |
WOW it has been a long time since I've blogged and I am SO sorry!  The truth is I love love love to write and if I could I would write about my daily life. Oh wait -- I do, but those journals are private. :) The Metal Deli has been on hiatus for two weeks due to a severe spinal injury I got while... Read More
12/13 |
Today I recorded The Metal Deli special holiday episode, called THE HOLLY-DELI. I had a BLAST. The music contains originals, covers and spoofs. This is not religion shoved down your throat in any way, just some fun music to listen to and enjoy the season in a more metal kind of way -- with a couple... Read More
12/13 |
This is a BIG show!!!   TWO HOURS!  The idea had been presented to me several times but I kept shying away.  Finally I decided to bite the bullet and begin with the first show in December.  But it felt GREAT and it was good to be able to get so much good music on the show!  Check out the lineup:... Read More
10/13 |
What an AWESOME show to record!  In one way or another, every song on this show is from a band I came into contact within the past two weeks.  Sometimes I met the entire band, sometimes I met just one member.  But what a blast to spend two weekends full of metal!!!!  It's always cool to have music... Read More
09/13 |
The Metal Deli #114 -- featuring bands who have sent me a t-shirt!!!   DARK DISCIPLE -- -- ONE IN THE CHAMBER UNITED BY HATE -- -- DEMONIC ANGELICIDE I AM THE TRIREME -- -- I AM... Read More
09/13 |
Want to hear a talkative Kimmi this week?  Just check out THE METAL DELI #113 -- you get lots of metal and lots of ME! GREAT BANDS: THREATPOINT -- -- PAVE THE WAY KOROTORY -- -- ABSOLUTE ZERO FEAR THE CALM -- https://www... Read More
08/13 |
The Metal Deli #113 debuts Monday, August 26!!!  Where did the summer go!   Check out these amazing bands on this week's show:   RAVEN X -- -- IMMORTAL BELOVED TANGORODRIM -- -- ALCOHOLIC DESECRATION FEAR THE CALM -- https... Read More