All About Kimmi

Kimmi Rudolph is the hostess of The Metal Deli, a podcast dedicated to giving independent and minor-label musicians the chance to get their music heard!  Kimmi’s podcasting career began in 2006 as an assistant for The SoupyGato Show, an all-genre music podcast, where she quickly went from being boring old secretary to CD reviewer and occasional co-host, known to listeners as “Kimmi, The Fifth Listener”.

Metal and rock are in Kimmi’s blood (she is a self-described metal-head) and the desire to showcase just the music she loved spurned her on to start The Metal Deli in 2008.  She has also hosted The Rock Deli and The Israeli Deli, and has plans to bring those back in the future.

Kimmi is well-known not only for the music she plays but her giggly personality and her desire to be “as Kimmi as she can be” on her shows.  What you hear is not just a podcast host but Kimmi as she is in real life.

"As an advocate of hard rock and heavy metal, The Metal Deli continues to promote and expose a diverse range of underground and independent rock-and-roll.  Through Kimmi's tireless efforts, the show succeeds because of Kimmi's love of the music she plays and the artists she supports."
–Michael Canter,